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I'm a compiler and publisher of foreign-language phrasebooks and dictionaries, both print and digital. I was a Russian and Vietnamese linguist in the US Army, am retired from the Army, received a BA in Slavic Languages from UW, am married to a wonderful Ukrainian woman, and live in Spokane, WA.


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Russian Phrasebook for Tourism & Winter Sports

An English-Russian phrasebook (Kindle) that provides words, terms and phrases for general conversation, everyday necessities, shopping, dining, travel in Russia, emergencies, and enjoying winter sp

Olga Kravtsova & Robert Powers
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Ukrainian Phrasebook, Dictionary, Menu Guide & Interactive Factbook

An English-Ukrainian phrasebook & dictionary with 1912 Kindle pages, the largest digital phrasebook & dictionary in existence.

Masha Drach & Olga Kravtsova
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French Phrasebook & Dictionary
Mathieu Herman
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