PenBlock is a virtual bookshelf for readers and authors.

About PenBlock

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: provide readers a simpler way to find books.

How It Works

  • Create bookshelves of books you are reading or want to read
  • Share your recommendations and book reviews
  • Connect with friends, see what they are reading
  • Explore and discover great books!

Part of a Book Club?

Our multi-person sharing allows you to easily share your bookshelves with your book club. Upload your latest book reviews and make recommendations for your next read.

How To Bookmark

PenBlock’s bookmarking feature allows you to add books to your shelves. There are three simple ways to add books to a bookshelf.

  1. Place your mouse over an existing book and click “bookmark” to add a book to one of your shelves.
  2. Search our vast network of books through the menu search box.
  3. Click on “+Add A Book” in the menu to select one of the three book adding functions: add a book, upload a book, or create a bookshelf.

"This is an easier way for me to figure out something to read next without any starting point... And then the social aspect is cool, since I might follow friends if I know I'm interested in the same topics as them. Nice work!"

- Matt Nicholson

"This website changed my life!"

– PenBlock User

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