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An old man's thoughts

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The idea for ‘An old man thought's’ came to me a couple of years ago. A story, telling of my life to date mainly by using modern day poetry.At just under 26,000 words, I've presented my memories and thoughts in poetic form instead of writing it in traditional book form, as I thought that I would be able to express my feelings better that way.In some of the stories I've added a ‘moral’ at the end, to help you, the reader, to understand or put you into the same frame mind as myself and explain the meaning of that poem. I hope that some of the poems will help people to face their own personal problems. So that one day, you could or can overcome your own demons, be it from a mental illness or breakdown, having different disabilities, or being different sexuality.I’ve managed to cope with my own personal problems over the years which have made me into the person I am today. Now I have a strong character having built self-belief and self-awareness.I hope that with the help of these poems, you can achieve your own personal goals in modern day life.Thank you and I hope you will enjoy my poems and stories of the past with meanings for today.S.M.E.

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An old man's thoughts
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