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Portland is Weird: The Official Unofficial Guide to the City's Uniqueness

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Benjamin A Zanol

"The Official Unofficial Guide to the City's Uniqueness" 2013 EDITION Have you ever ridden your bike totally nude through the city streets with a thousand other naked people? Or ate dinner at a restaurant in complete darkness? Or went to a bookstore that handed out maps so you wouldn’t get lost in the building? If you answered no to these questions then you have not truly experienced the uniqueness that is Portland, Oregon. Open-Ended Destinations is proud to bring you an alternative look at Portland, the big city with the small town atmosphere that takes pride in being, well, weird. The team we assembled highlights the top twenty-five unique/weird/odd places in the Portland area and then lists an additional forty-six places, events, and things that didn’t quite make the cut but were indeed all worthy of being a part of Portland’s Finest Cornucopia of Weirdness. "Keep Portland Weird" is an official motto of this great Pacific Northwestern city, but it is not just a slogan to promote absurdity throughout the streets. Instead, its intended purpose is to encourage keeping things local by going to locally owned businesses to help keep them thriving, thus maintaining the uniqueness of Portland. Listed in this book are a variety of local establishments to visit to help uphold this motto.

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