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Oxodideum book 1: The Devilnite's Rock

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S. M. E.

The story is about Devilnite who wanted to get his revenge on Godlite. He made a statue millions of years ago which it was sent to earth in the year 2000 A.D from this universe in another dimension. The statue slowly gaining powers to only infects men that are over 21 years old, turned a few of them into infected zombie gay men.Then they have sex with straight men turning them into an army of infected zombie gay men, to cut down the human population.Will the Four kids that turned teenagers at 18 will able to save the world from being corrupted by Devilnite's Army and the Beast himself.... Devilnite?

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Oxodideum book 1: The Devilnite's Rock
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smebooks science fiction 16+

Oxodideum book 1: The Devilnite's Rock
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