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rosaraskin's picture

"Walk Forward," includes my lifelong search for my lost, older sister. Since
publishing the book, I have found a cousin who had my father's letters, the grave of an Uncle in Prague, and a girl who was on the same journey with my sister who gave me the incredible chance to see my sister's world through the eyes of a young child!

royalkees's picture

I have written two books of poetry.

"Inspirations from Heaven's Gate"

"Godly Inspirations for the Troubled Soul"

Written to reveal the beauty and simplicity of life and show God's Love and concern for humanity.

L.J. Hayward's picture
L.J. Hayward

My newest book, "Demon Dei", book 2 in the urban fantasy Night Call series, is now available. Book 1, "Blood Work" has been described as “a fast, fabulous read”, “strong and engrossing”, “hysterical at times”, “an attention getter and keeper” and a “beautiful artistic debut” by various folks, and Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews said, "if all the novels are at least as fun, fast-paced and gripping as “Blood Work” the readers are exclusive beneficiaries of joyful readings."

Massimo Foglio's picture
Massimo Foglio

"Touchdown in Europe" is my last book. It tells the 85-years long story on how American football was imported in Europe. For the most part it was military football, during WWI and WWII, american troops played a lot of football while waiting to see action on the battlefield. Then, during the Cold War, there was a sort of military championship throughout Europe between the teams of the American military bases. Then, in the '70s, Europeans finally decided they wanted to have their teams, their leagues and their championships.

Martina Common's picture
Martina Common

My first book; "A Better Me" a personal memoir based on my life thus far released on September 1st, 2015 (available for purchase on Amazon/Barnes and Noble websites". A Better Me details my struggles, fears, identity, self love, self worth, and purpose to becoming A Better Me. It's an inspiring story that I hope will change frowns into smiles, heartaches into love, and to know that no matter what: never give up.

preacherotis's picture

"We Are not Living in the Biblical Last Days" is an eschatological study of what the Bible means when it talks about the Last Days. A lot of People will be surprised to know that when the bible talks about the Last Days it is not talking about the Last Days of the physical earth. Rather it is talking about the last days of the Old Covenant. This is a must read, simple written book for those who fear we are living in the last days.

preacherotis's picture

"Scriptural Ignorance" is my second book devoted to dispelling erroneous scripture interpretation that has gone on for centuries. Scriptural ignorance is caused by complacent Christians who don't care enough about scriptures to study them for their own edification instead of relying on whatever comes out of the pulpit. This book entails such debate on scriptures pertaining to "the Great Commission" which Paul said was already finished in the 1st Century. This book gives great detail analysis on the subject "Grace"; and this book shall give great discussion as to what is/was the entity called "Satan".

Amanda Bucan's picture
Amanda Bucan

From Stardust to Babylon is a true story more sensational than fiction. Two ordinary teenage lovers; one extraordinary enduring love...From 1980`s England to the iniquitous city of Babylon and a monumental conspiracy in the land of the Pharaohs. An incredible story of reincarnation you won`t want to miss! Check out my website for more information and to view the short promo video.

Benjamin K. M. Kellogg's picture
Benjamin K. M. ...

The "Noah and Logan Children's Book Series" is a series I developed to help other children with autism understand and learn the life and social skills that were difficult for me when I was a child. I write the books and my mother illustrates them based on my detailed ideas for each page. "Noah and Logan Learn to Clean", "Noah and Logan Learn to Share", and "Noah and Logan Learn to Tie Their Sneakers" are the first three books in my series with more to come. Although my purpose for the book series is to help others like myself on the autism spectrum, I do feel that they have universal themes and can be enjoyed by all children.

Magician and Fool's picture
Magician and Fool

"Magician and Fool" is a historical fantasy based on Pamela Colman Smith, creator of the best selling tarot deck of all time, the Waite Smith tarot deck. Pamela published her book of Jamaican folktales, "The Annancy Stories", before she was twenty, had her art exhibited by Steglitz and publishing her literary magazine, The Green Sheaf, in 1903. "Magician and Fool" is populated with the celebrities of the day, Sir Henry Irving, Dame Ellen Terry and Bram Stoker, who went on to be close personal friends of Pamela's and show became the inspiration and living incarnates of her tarot images. The first in a series about the Major Arcana tarot cards, to be followed by "High Priestess and Empress", Susan Wands gave an author's talk Oct 13, 2017 at Watkins Bookstore in London where Bryan Cranston participated in the recorded lecture.

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